Screened on 18 September 2018, at 19. 30, in SP 2 (Aula Lama ) IAIN Palu
Genre: Drama
Duration: 90 minutes
Director and Producer: Quraisy Mathar

‘Defying Destiny’ film, is adapted from the autobiographical and motivational book written by Hamdan Juhannis. ‘Defying Destiny’ achieved a big success as motivational reading among educators, students, teenagers and the public.

The film has been screened simultaneously at the Indonesian cinemas; Studio XXI and 21, commencing on April 19th, 2018 and has remained in Makassar cinemas for one and a half month. The film tells the story of Hamdan’s childhood. His father who worked as a travelling drug seller passed a way in his early life. Hamdan and his family lived in a small hut valued at Rp. 5000, in his village, Mallari Bone.

His life struggle was marked by the economic limitations of his family, which rested on his illiterate mother by relying only on the work of weaving sarongs.

Little Hamdan was forced to help his mother, studying while selling cakes by peddling them from one classrooom to the others. Hamdan’s struggle continued until he tried to leave his village in Bone to go to Makassar, while working as a bricklayer assistant. Hamdan’s undergradutate achievement led him to get Masters’ scholarship program in Canada and the doctoral program at the Australian National University. On returning to his homeland, then he was made a full professor title at the UIN Alauddin, at the age of ‘approximately’ 37 years old.

The interesting side of this film is the setting that plays changing feelings; it is about sadness and radiculous. This film from the beginning was presented the audience with the storyline about the illness and death of Hamdan’s father in a very apprehensive life situation. The ridiculous side is seen in the funny behavior of the children in the village who live naturally in the charming village, atmosphere. The dialogue is loose and has a distinctive character, increasing the humorous sense of the film.

The story of Hamdan is successfully portrayed as a person who almost experienced perfection of nothingness. Having a life below the poverty line, growing up as a child who lacks nutritional intake, and the successive tragedies he experienced cannot be separated from his physical weakness. Hamdan also studied without complete personal data. Hamdan’s birthdate is not clear because his birth is compared to the height of a coconut tree near his hut.

‘Defying Destiny’ exemplifies Hamdan’s struggle against the perception of destiny from the society in which he grew up, which often limited his destiny from the beginning. Hamdan opposes the perception of destiny that often makes dreams run aground. In his Professorial acceptance speech, without reading the text, Hamdan portrayed himself as a person who was free from the social confines of life during his struggle; poor people prohibited from being sick and from being learned.

This film is a very worth spectacle, presents educational stories in different ways. It analyzes thought lightheartedly and stirs the feelings in the unusual ways. This film is a tangible result of the struggle of Indonesian filmmakers to present a spectacle that is entertaining and educating, and which has national, even international quality.